Should You Wipe Before Using A Bidet?

Bidets are the best replacement for tissue papers. After Covid mostly people in the USA prefer to use bidets instead of tissue papers. 

Even though bidet gives hygienic cleaning without wiping your genitals with tissue papers. But still, most people as whether they should wipe before using bidets. 

Wiping your butts or anus depends on the type of bidet you use on your toilet seat. But it’s not unnecessary to wipe before or after using a bidet. 

Keep reading to know whether it’s best to wipe before or after using tissue paper. 

Should You Wipe Before Using a Bidet?

Every individual wants more hygienic and pure cleaning of their private. So most people ask whether they should wipe before or after using the bidet. Well, most folks buy bidets to save money on tissue paper. 

Even though it’s a good approach to wipe before or after using the toilet, but not necessary; wiping after using a bidet will remove extra debris and feces from your butt and make it more hygienic. Secondly, wiping after the bidet will also dry out butts more quickly. 

I will later explain the benefits of both pre and post-wiping. But first, let’s discuss a few factors that insist you use tissue papers before or after using bidets. 

1- Type of Bidet

Wipe Before Using A Bidet

You know that there are usually three types of bidets. 

  • Handheld bidets: Bidets with a sprayer and a flexible hose. These bidets are easy to adjust angles. 
  •  Non-electric bidets: These bidets fit on the toilet seat and have a nozzle for cleaning. Non-electric bidets have various features like pressure adjustment, water temperature control, washing modes, etc. 
  •  Electric Bidets: These can be standalone or fit on the toilet seat. Electric bidet offers a lot of useful features to ensure hygienic cleaning. The features include water pressure and temperature adjustments, deodorizer, heating seats, LED lights, and more. 

Now people having handheld bidets can more efficiently clean their butts or genitals, whatever you say. Because with a handheld bidet, you can adjust the angle, bringing it closer to the debris or feces area. The water pressure can also be adjusted with a handheld bidet deepening on how much you squeeze the button. 

So in the case of handheld bidets, you don’t need to wipe before or after using bidets. You can also easily clean your anus after peeing. Handheld bidets are also a convenient option for a female to clean tier vagina, so they don’t need to wipe it before using a bidet. 

In the case of an electric or non-electric bidet, they have a nozzle which fixed to a certain position. So it may be possible that some debris or feces might stick to the private area after cleaning. So, in that case, you can wipe after using a bidet. 

Few toilet bidets (electric or non-electric) have various washing modes and feature to ensure a hygienic cleaning. But if your toilet bidets have no washing mode or oscillating nozzle, it’s a good option to wipe your butts after using them. 

In the case of peeing, it’s not mandatory to wipe your anus with tissue paper; only a bidet is enough hygienic cleaning. 

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2- Pressure Of Bidet

Most bidets come with water pressure control; whether you have a handheld bidet or toilet bidet, everyone can control water pressure. Still, few bidets have inferior water pressure while others give superior water stream. 

A bidet with high water pressure effectively clean your butts as compared to one with low pressure. So if your bidet has good water pressure, you don’t need to wipe your buts before using a bidet. 

Handheld bidets are more convenient in providing high water pressure. Even you can increase water pressure by bringing a handheld bidet near debris and feces. 

On the other hand, toilet bidets have nozzles, and a few of them give a very strong water stream to clean your butt more effectively. 

3- Air Dryer In Your Bidet

Few folks prefer an electric bidet because they have a dryer feature, so you can use this feature to dry butts after cleaning. These types of bidets can help reduce tissue paper usage after using a bidet because you can dry out your genitals with a warm air drawer feature. 

This air dryer feature is only found in electric bidets. These bidets are more expensive than non-electric ones but stop you from investing in tissue papers. 

4- Nozzle Oscillation

To make your genitals hygienic from front to rear, you must invest in a bidet with a nozzle oscillation feature. Mostly electric bidet offers oscillation nozzles. 

The oscillation of nozzles sprays water with pressure from front to back, giving you more effective cleaning of your buts. This will help you to avoid wiping your private before using bidets. 

5- Washing Modes

Bidets have various types of washing modes and nozzles. Few have two nozzles and a feminine mode that helps women to clean their vaginas during pregnancy. 

Using various modes, you can make your private area more hygienic without wiping it with tissue paper. So always invest in a bidet with a feminine mode to avoid using tissue paper. 

Is It Best To Pre-Wipe?

Pre-wiping is when someone wipes before using bidets. Pre-wiping your butts clean bulky feces and make them softer for bidet use. 

Another benefit of pre-wiping is ensuring a clean and mess-free toilet. This process will avoid transferring stool and feces to the bidet basin. 

But if you want to avoid tissue paper to save the environment, invest in a bidet with high water pressure. Make sure to keep throwing water on your butts until it cleans perfectly. 

Is It Best To Wipe After Using Bidet?

To dry your butts, you can wipe them after using bidets. This will not only dry water from your private area but also the clean mess that is left behind. 

You can also run a test to avoid tissue papers. Suppose you regularly wipe after using a bidet, and if they are all coming out clean, it means your bidet is performing a good job; now, you can say goodbye to tissue paper. 

Most people use the warm, dry feature in their electric bidets to dry their genitals and anus. If you also want to invest in an electric bidet, you can go for SmartBidet SB-1000 Electric Bidet Seat. 

How To Wipe In A Right Way!

how to wipe in a right way

If you are addicted to wiping, and only bidet can’t satisfy you, then you should know the best way. Wiping in the wrong way can lead to micro tears of skin which is more prone to bacterial infection and also irritates your perineum area (area between anus and genitals). 

On the other hand, a study has also shown that wiping can increase the risk of urinary tract infection and vaginitis in women. So it’s important to use the right wiping technique and high-quality tissue papers. 

To achieve the best results, start wiping from rear to front. Wipe gently so the issued paper pieces can’t stick to your skin. 

It’s recommended to fold the toilet paper into a square and then use it for wiping. Some people try to wet toilet paper for more effective cleaning, but this approach is wrong because the tissue paper sticks to your skin, and you need extra water to clean it. 

Most people ask how many times they should wipe after using the bidet, and there is no hard-and-fast rule. You must wipe until your tissue paper looks clean and all debris and feces disappear. 

Some Situation Where You Must Wipe Before Or After Using Bidets

1- In Case Of Diarrhea:

When you have Diarrhea, the cleaning process may change depending on how severe the Diarrhea you have is. 

In this situation, the bidet is not enough to achieve effective cleaning. You have to pre-wipe your genitals before using bidet. The diarrhea patient doesn’t have a proper bowel movement, and the feces and debris are spread on entire genitals, so bidets alone can’t deal with it. 

In that scenario, you can use baby wipes or any soft towel toilet paper that is gender on the skin. Gently wipe from rear to front and use a smooth water stream to clean. 

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2- Elderly With Limited Mobility

For seniors, it’s difficult to move on the toilet to adjust their posture for maximum exposure to the water jet. So they need to Pre-wipe their private before using bidets. A bidet with static nozzles failed to clean thoroughly enough. 

But this is unnecessary if you have an electric bidet with oscillation nozzles. Or if you have handheld bidets. 

Should You Wipe Before Using A Bidet: Final Words

It’s not necessary to wipe before using a bidet. Bidets can continuously spray water through the jet, and long exposure to water can make your private hygienic.

Similarly, if you have a handheld bidet, you can adjust the angles to bring it closer to debris for effective cleaning. In such scenarios, you don’t need to wipe before using bidets. 


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