Should You Use A Bidet After Peeing? Yes Or Not!

Bidets are favored in every bathroom and are necessary to keep yourself hygienic. Even though bidets are widely used in Asian and European countries, people still ask whether they should use a bidet after peeing.

Yes, you should use bidets after peeing to give yourself a hygienic clean. But it’s not mandatory to always clean your anus or genitals with the bidets.

Before bidets, people used tissue paper to wipe their genitals after peeing, but after the pandemic, tissue paper became scarce, and people now prefer bidets. 

Bidets are also spreading like a fire in USA regions, and with every new product, there are long string of questions. So today, we are compiling this article to let you know whether you should use a bidet after peeing.

Should I Use A Bidet After Peeing?

Most of us buy bidets to save spending on toilet paper and to save the environment. So to get rid of wiping and use of tissue paper, you should use a bidet after peeing. But in case of poop or stool movement, you must wipe your butts before or after using a bidet. 

Cleaning your anus or genitals (whatever you say) with a bidet after peeing may also depend on your type of bidet and position. Sometimes a bidet alone can’t entirely clean the peeing drops from your genitals, so you have to wipe it after using a bidet. 

Most people are also addicted to wiping; whether they poop or pee, they always prefer wipes after or before using bidets. Why shouldn’t they? Wiping helps you to dry your butts or genitals.

Different Types Of Bidets

For those who are unaware of the types of bidets, there are three common types of bidets. Depending upon the type of bidet, you can choose to wipe after or before using a bidet. 

1- Handheld Bidets

handheld bidets

This is one of the most used bidets in Asian and USA regions. Handheld bidets have a sprayer connected to your toilet water supply via a hose. 

This type of bidet has big benefits; you can adjust the angle while cleaning. Similarly, you can bring the sprayer close to feces and debris to effectively clean your genitals. 

If you have handheld bidets, then you don’t need to use any kind of wiping before or after using them. After peeing, point the sprayer to your anus and squeeze the button for a smooth water stream, and you’re good to go. 

Now it’s your choice whether to dry your anus with tissue paper or let it dry itself. But most of the time, wiping your anus after using a handheld bidet is unnecessary. 

2- Traditional Bidets

should you use bidet after pooping

These bidets are common in European regions and offer the most effective and hygienic cleaning of your genitals or vulva. 

Traditional bidets are standalone bidets, which means they’re not connected to your toilet; instead, they are placed near the toilet seat. These bidets look like mini sinks or a toilet with faucets. 

Traditional bidets also have various types, few bidets spray water from the faucet, and few have a feminine nozzle that sprays water underneath your vulva.

Traditional bidets work best to clean feces or debris from your butts or genitals, but after peeing, you should wipe before using these bidets. 

When it comes to traditional bidets, you have to move from toilet to bidet; during this movement, some of the pee drops may also get on your clothes. So it’s better to first wipe your anus before using traditional bidets. 

3- Toilet Seat Bidet

Toilet Seat Bidet

Toilet seat bidets are the most common, and you can easily install such bidets on your toilet seat. On-seat bidets may be electric or non-electric. 

This type of bidet comes with one or two nozzles for both front and rear wash. You can control this bidet either from a remote or the control panel. 

You can also adjust the pressure or temperature of the water stream according to your preferences. Press the wash button, and the nozzle will appear beneath you; it rinses your genitals with a smooth water stream. 

When you have done cleaning, just pressure the “Stop” button, and the nozzle will retract back behind the gates. Few toilet seat bidets have oscillated nozzles that ensure more effective cleaning. 

You don’t need to wipe your butts before or after using them in such bidets. The electric on-seat toilet bidets have a warm air dryer that dries your butts after cleaning. 

What Is The Correct Way to Wipe After Peeing?

For males, it’s very easy to clean their anus after peeing. Just wipe the anus with clean tissue paper, and you’re good to go. Make sure to use soft tissue paper to avoid any kind of irritation or infections. 

In the case of females, they have to first clean their vulva, not their vagina. The vagina has a self-cleaning nature and doesn’t need to be washed. After urination, clean from front to back and ensure the area is completely dry. 

If you wipe it incorrectly, it may lead to vaginal infections or irritations. Wiping from back to front may transfer bacteria to your vaginal area. For females, just one to two wipes are enough to clean their vulva after urination. 

In the case of using mild soaps you have to be extra careful. Keep in mind that regular usage of mild soaps and extra wiping might put you in trouble. 

Advantages Of Bidets

There are several advantages to using bidets.

Improved hygiene: Using a bidet can help to improve overall hygiene, as it ensures that the anus or vulva is thoroughly cleaned after using the toilet. Cleaning your genitals with water is better than cleaning them with tissue paper.

Reduced toilet paper use: By using a bidet, you can reduce your reliance on toilet paper, which is more environmentally friendly and can also save money. 

Comfort: A bidet can be especially helpful for people with disabilities or mobility issues, as it can be easier and more comfortable to use than toilet paper. Few bidets have oscillating nozzles that automatically make your private hygiene from front to back.

Better for the environment: As bidets can reduce the need for toilet paper, they can help to reduce the amount of waste generated by households. Additionally, bidets can save water over time, using less water than toilets. 

Better for sensitive skin: For people with sensitive skin, bidets can be gentler than toilet paper.

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Can You Use Bidets After Peeing? Final Verdict 

If you have a bidet in your bathroom, why shouldn’t you use them after peeing? Bidets have a lot of advantages; if you want to save your money on tissue paper, try a bidet after peeing. 

With the excessive usage of bidets, there are several misconceptions that arise. You can only make a private area hygienic if you use the bidet correctly. 


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