Luxe Bidet NEO 120 Review: Updated 2023

I love bidets because they make cleaning very effortless and give extra hygiene. To get rid of TP, you can use bidets. There are many bidets available in the market, and in today’s article, I will share a hand on experience of Luxe Bidet Neo 120. 

Luxe is one of the popular brands offering high-quality toilet accessories. Luxe offers a long product line of bidets, and Luxe Neo 120 is an entry-level bidet with plenty of useful bidets. 

Well, the major reason I buy this unit is the elegance and minimalist design that match my bathroom finish. In Luxe NEO 120 bidet, you will get all the useful features, from pressure control to self-cleaning nozzles. 

So let’s dig deeper and determine whether Luxe Neo 120 bidet is worth it. 

Luxe Neo 120


  • Installation is very easy. It comes with all essential installation items. You don’t need high DIY skills to install Neo 120 bidet. 
  • I love the water pressure, and it even gives a strong water stream on medium water pressure settings. 
  • The product comes with an 18 months warranty. 
  • From a budget point of view, it’s a worth-it option. 
  • Very easy to use for the elderly. 


  • No feminine mode; I wish there could be two nozzles for feminine wash. 
  • No warm water inlet. 
  • The pressure of the nozzle could be more linear. 
  • I wish the knobs were made of metal. The plastic knobs might scratch after a few months. 

Luxe Bidet Neo 120 Review

1- Design and Look 

luxe bidet neo 120

First of all, let’s talk about the design. This damn unit is very elegant and made of polished plastic.

The plastic seems okay, not too premium and not so cheap. The quality of the material is good in such a price range. 

What I love the most is the control dial which could be more user-friendly but gives a more attractive look. Neo 120 offers a colorful control dial; the dark and light blue color combination makes it stunning.

The control is similar to the Neo 320 and 180, but the only difference is the lever absent in Neo 120. 

The control panel is around 6.5″, which seems pretty large compared to Tushy and other bidet dial control. The benefit of a large control pane is that it’s easily accessible, especially for the elderly it’s the best option. 

Luxe Neo 120 comes in blue, White, and Rose gold. I love the blue unit; the Rose gold one is best for females. 

The knobs are chrome plated, which gives a sophisticated look, and are much better than another bidet like Tushy or the SAMODRA. You can easily twist the knobs to adjust the bidet. The upper one is for water pressure adjustment, while the lower uses a switch between wash and nozzle cleaning modes. 

Unlike other bidets, Neo 120 gives adjustable panels that can be adjusted from 3.5″ to 8″; this unit is compatible with almost all toilets. Because of adjustable panels, the bidet stays in place and doesn’t flutter while used. 

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2- Installation

luxe neo 120 review

I know there are a lot of negative comments regarding installation, but ignore all these comments. In my case, I don’t face any hurdles with insulation; it’s too straightforward to install this bidet on the toilet seat.

The NEO 120 adjustment plate inserts rotate to fit most toilet seats. In the package, you will get all the essential installation items, including; 

  • 15″ metal braided water hose.
  • 2x attachment plates. 
  • Metal T-adapter.
  • Washer 7/8″ x 7/8″ x 1/2″.
  • Plumber’s tape to prevent leakages. 
  • Plastic Wrench. 
  • Installation Guide. 

Here is a step-by-step process that I have used to install my NEO 120 bidet. 

  • First, remove the existing toilet seat, and unscrew the bolts. 
  • Before installation, turn off the water supply valve behind your toilet seat. 
  • Now place the NEO 120 bidet on your toilet seat, and adjust the bidet so that the adjustment plates line up with the holes on the seat. 
  • Once you have correctly aligned the bidet, reattach the toilet seat. 
  • Connect the T-adapter (7/8″ end) to the toilet tank, but before connecting the T-adapter, first remove the existing supply hose from the toilet tank’s fill valve. 
  • Make sure the T-adapter fits perfectly to avoid any leakages in the future. Also, ensure the small rubber washer is inside the T-adapter. 
  • Next, connect the hose (1/2″) to the T-adapter, and connect the 1/4″ end to the water bidet inlet. 
  • Last up, connect the water supply hose to the bottom of the T-adapter. 
  • And that’s it; you’re good to go. 

The installation process took me 15 minutes, and it was so easy. The components are high quality, especially the metal T-adapter and the cold water hose seems very durable. Until now, I didn’t face any leakage or such things. 

But one thing that I miss is the shutoff valve, and I wish it were there. 

3- Features

neo bidet 120

Overall, the NEO bidet 120 has decent features that are worth it at such a price tag, even though it lacks a few features found in Neo 185 and 320. This one lacks warm water features and a dual nozzle for front hygiene. But because of the low price range, I ordered it for my guest room’s bathroom. 

NEO 120 offers a single nozzle, but the nozzle is retractable and has self-cleaning features. The predecessor NEO 110 doesn’t have a self-cleaning nozzle, but this one takes care of your hygiene.

The nozzle retracts behind the guard gate when not in use, protecting the nozzle from splashback and debris. Once the nozzle is used, you can use the self-cleaning feature to rinse it and make it hygienic. 

In terms of water pressure, I didn’t have any complaints yet. It works well on higher-pressure settings. I think, as compared to the previous model, NEO 120 has a sharp water stream that helps in better sanitation and hygiene. There are four different pressure settings so that you can adjust them according to your preferences.

At first, I started with the highest water pressure, a damn strong stream; now, I always use it on the second pressure setting. If the pressure of your water supply is too slow, this bidet will still work perfectly for you. 

There is one water inlet for cold water, which seems leak free. The adjustable panels are also worth it so that you can adjust the bidet according to your seat preferences. 

Neo 120 is the perfect option for rear wash, especially for gents. It’s an amazing unit. But I think for females, there should be another nozzle with feminine wash mode. The stream is a little upward and perfectly clean butts, but for vulva or vagina cleaning, you must change your position. 

4- Price & Warranty

From the price point of view, Luxe NEO 120 is worth considering. You might be familiar with bidet prices in the market, especially electric bidets, need to be put into the budget. But this elegant bidet is only available for $44.99 on the official page, whereas, on Amazon, it’s only available for $34. 

Thanks to its 18 monthly warranty, that builds trust and makes the product more reliable. You can contact their support team in case of any issue, and they will immediately solve it. 

Final Thoughts

The LUXE NEO 120 is worth considering bidet. And I’m sure this will give you long-term relief. Everything is working fine; the water pressure is perfect, the nozzle works well, and the dial pad is easy to use. 

This bidet is best for people looking for a more affordable bidet to get rid of TP. Even though you still need to use TP after using the bidet to dry your butts. But now you don’t need to wipe your butts twice. 

Being a female, I wish there could be feminine wash mode, but still, it’s fine compared to others.


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