Does A Bidet Help With Constipation?

Bidets are one of the most useful elements in the bathroom. It gives not only the hygienic cleaning of your anal region but also a relaxing experience.

Bidets also help with constipation in many ways. If you have severe constipation, you should try bidet for normal poop. But before using bidets in a constipation situation, you should know how to exactly use it. 

In this article, I will tell you how bidets can help you poop when you’re constipated. So keep on reading. 

Can Bidets Help With Constipation?

Yes, bidets can help with constipation. But for this purpose, you must first calm down on the bathroom seat. 

According to research, the optimal temperature and pressure of bidets soften the anal tissue and give a comfortable feeling. This message’s effect on the anal region can help you to poop. 

The constipation problem is primarily found in pregnant women, and the bidet helps to reduce the severity of constipation in pregnant women. You can use feminine mode to give a message effect to your anal canal, which will help you eliminate constipation. 

But before using a bidet for constipation, you have to make a few changes to bidets to make them more comfortable. 

Few Changes In Bidet That Helps You To Poop While Constipation

Bidet That Helps You To Poop While Constipation

1- Turn On the Oscillation Of the Nozzle

Turn on the nozzle oscillation to give maximum comfort to your vaginal canal.

Oscillation nozzles give massaging effects on the anal region and soften the anal tissue. This will help you during constipation. 

Most of the bidets come with an oscillating nozzle. You can also change the wash mode for better comfort. And if you’re bidet doesn’t have an oscillation nozzle try aeration, which also helps. 

2- Turn On the Heating Seats

Heating seats are usually found in electric bidets, and the feature also helps you during constipation. Set the heating seat to the maximum level for max comfort. 

Everyone feels discomfort while constipated, but to give your butt a soothing experience, the heating seats help a lot. Once you get maximum comfort, it will help you poop when you’re constipated. 

3- Warm Water Temperature

Warm water works during constipation, decreasing the constipation severity and anxiety. For pregnant women, warm water will help them with constipation and prevent the vagina from infections. 

But ensure the water temperature is not too high, which can irritate your genitals. 

The optimal water temperature immediately softens anal tissue and gives you a more relaxing experience. It will help you to increase the blood flow of anal tissue, and you will easily poop while constipated. 

4- Smooth Water Pressure

Almost all the bidet comes with water pressure control features. And optimal water pressure also helps you with constipation. Make sure the pressure is neither too high nor low. 

Shoot the water stream on the anal canal; if it feels smooth, it will give you a soothing experience.  

If you have set the right water pressure of the nozzle, then keep shooting the water stream on your anal canal until you get the right pace for poop. 

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Other Tricks That Will Help You Poop When You’re Constipated 

Constipation is a common issue due to the lack of fiber in our diet. Most pregnant women face this irritating issue. 

If you’re facing constipation issues, you must use the right diet with a lot of fiber. You can use whole grains like pasta, bread, legumes, apples, or green vegetables. 

Secondly, never let constipation get the better of you. On the toilet, try to calm yourself, and if you feel any anxiety, listen to relaxing music to calm yourself mentally. On the toilet, don’t always be in a hurry; just chill and relax to fight constipation. 

Set your bidets to the optimal setting I have mentioned above, which will help the tissues of your genitalia to relax and poop easily. 

Final Words:

Bidets will help you during constipation only if you’re using them correctly. Treat your genitals with optimal water temperature and pressure to soften the anal tissue for easy poop. 

Also, use the nozzle oscillation feature for maximum comfort, and if your bidet doesn’t have an oscillation nozzle, try to move. 

Even though bidets are useful for constipation, the misuse of bidets will also lead to severe conception. If you spray a high or warm stream on your genitals, this discomfort affects your anal tissues resulting in irrigation and severe constipation. 

The only goal is to be comfortable and eliminate anxiety when you’re constipated. And the bidets are a great way to keep yourself and your anal tissue calm and soft. 


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