Bidet Can Help You Poop More? Here is How!

Bidet Can Help You Poop More

Bidet provides a relaxing experience because of the high-pressure water stream, and this effect softens the tissues of the anal canal and helps you to poop more.  Most readers struggle to poop but can’t achieve a standard bowl movement. But you don’t need to worry about it, a bidet can help you to poop more … Read more

Where Does Bidet Water Come From?

Where Does Bidet Water Come From

Most people think that the water used by a bidet is not clean or bidet uses grey water for cleaning. So, where exactly does bidet water come from? So in this article, I’m going to go straight toward the question and different misconceptions regarding bidet water.  Where Does Bidet Water Come From? Bidet water comes … Read more

Are Bidets Common In Europe?

Are Bidets Common In Europe

Bidets are common in Asian and European regions but uncommon in American regions. There are many reasons behind the popularity of bidets in Europe.  I remember when I went to Europe for the first time, and there was a bidet in every bathroom. Most of the British use old traditional bidets, which are standalone, and … Read more

Should You Use A Bidet After Peeing? Yes Or Not!

Should You Use A Bidet After Peeing

Bidets are favored in every bathroom and are necessary to keep yourself hygienic. Even though bidets are widely used in Asian and European countries, people still ask whether they should use a bidet after peeing. Yes, you should use bidets after peeing to give yourself a hygienic clean. But it’s not mandatory to always clean … Read more

Should You Wipe Before Using A Bidet?

Should You Wipe Before Using A Bidet

Bidets are the best replacement for tissue papers. After Covid mostly people in the USA prefer to use bidets instead of tissue papers.  Even though bidet gives hygienic cleaning without wiping your genitals with tissue papers. But still, most people as whether they should wipe before using bidets.  Wiping your butts or anus depends on … Read more

Does A Bidet Help With Constipation?

Does A Bidet Help With Constipation

Bidets are one of the most useful elements in the bathroom. It gives not only the hygienic cleaning of your anal region but also a relaxing experience. Bidets also help with constipation in many ways. If you have severe constipation, you should try bidet for normal poop. But before using bidets in a constipation situation, … Read more

Are Bidets Sanitary For Females?

Are Bidets Sanitary For Females

Bidets are the most effective way to clean your private area and keep your genitals hygienic. But because of common vaginal canal issues, women always feel distressed about bidets.  Bidets are 100% sanitary for females; even a few bidets come with separate female cleaning mode that will clean females’ private on their preferences. And according … Read more