5 Major Bidet Disadvantages That You Must Know!

I’m a big fan of bidets, and they help me to save a lot of bucks investing in toilet paper. And also, bidets offer effective hygiene as compared to toilet paper.

But just like all other products, bidets also have some disadvantages. Suppose one is not using the bidet in the right way. It might cause health problems or UITs. Similarly, standalone bidets cost you more and require extra space in the bathroom.

Let’s dig deeper into some major bidet disadvantages and find the solution.

Types Of Bidets

It’s important to first discuss the types of the bidet, as every bidet has a separate downside and points. If you’re new to the bidet, this section is for you.

1- Standalone bidets

standalone bidets

These bidets are also called traditional bidets. A Standalone bidet place separate from the toilet, means you have to change your position after pee/pooping.

Standalone bidets are attached to the water supply behind the seat and connected with a hose. These bidets either have a tape that sprays water on your genitals or a water nozzle at the bottom mid that helps females clean their vagina or anal cavity.

These types of bidets are made of ceramic and require extra installation skills. The biggest disadvantage is that they require extra plumbing and are less effective for males.

2- HandHeld Bidet

handheld bidets

Handheld bidets are very popular nowadays, and they have a nice sprayer that shoots water on your bump. You can easily adjust the angle using a handheld bidet, which gives more effective cleaning.

Secondly, these bidets are easy to install and very cost-effective compared to standalone bidets.

3- Bidet Converter Kits

bidet converter kits

Bidet converter kits are the perfect solution to turn your toilet seat into a bidet. Bidet converter kits may be electric or non-electric.

The electric bidet converter kits offer many features like multiple cleaning modes, air dryers, deodorizers, warm water, pressure adjustment, and more. But the electric bidet is pretty expensive than the non-electric bidet.

Bidet converter kits are easy to install and have long-time bidet solutions.

4- Portable Bidets

Portable Bidets

Last up! There are portable bidets that you can use while traveling. These bidets are portable; you can easily carry them in your backpack, luggage, or laptop.

In portable bidets, all you have to do is to squeeze the bidet, and it will spray water. They are a very cheap and effective solution for your travel.

5 Major Bidet Disadvantages

Now that you’re aware of the types of bidets, let’s talk about a few disadvantages and solutions.

Bidet Disadvantages

1- Doesn’t clean the bowel

The major issue I’m facing with bidets is that they can’t clean the bowel after poop. So, you need extra effort to clean the bowel.

Even though a bidet helps you to reduce the use of toilet paper, you need extra water for both cleaning and flushing. And most of the time, you need a brush to clear all debris and stains in your bowel, which I dislike.

Quick Solution: To deal with this, you can use electric bidets with flushing features, like BidetMate 6000 or TOTO washout S550E.

2- Bidet Requires Extra Space

Few people want to use standalone bidets, but these bidets require extra space in your bathroom. And also look wired; just imagine two toilet seats in one bathroom.

Quick Solution: The simple solution is to use bidet converter kits or handheld bidets that are easy to install and attach to your toilet.

3- Bidets Can Cause UTIs

According to a report, about 8 million people are affected by UITs annually in the USA. And most people think that bidets are the primary reason for UTIs and other bacterial infections.

Even though many reasons cause UTI, and bidet can also cause this issue if you’re using a contaminated bidet nozzle or sprayer.

The contaminated bidet nozzle transfers bacteria into your urinary tract or anal cavity that cause infections, difficulty in peeping, pain while peeing, etc.

This disease is most common in females, so they should take extra care using bidets.

bidet can be dangerous

A study also shows that the use of warm water bidets also leads to UTI infection because the warm water kills the normal microflora bacteria, which is a healthy bacteria helping you to keep the vagina healthy.

Quick Solution: You should use bidets with self-cleaning nozzles. Similarly, avoid using warm water bidets.

4- Electric Bidets Are Expensive

Most people prefer an electric bidet because it provides all the cleaning features you need to make your bump hygienic. But unluckily, electric bidets are more expensive than normal bidets.

Normally their prices lie between $300 to $2000, which is an expensive option. But the plus point it these bidets save your money on toilet paper.

5- Bidet Not Fully Help You To Get Rid Of Toilet Paper

At first, I was very addicted to toilet paper, and after replacing my toilet with a bidet, I still used the toilet paper. And most people also prefer to wipe their butts with toilet paper after using a bidet.

bidet can save toilet paper

I think it’s really hard to leave the habit of toilet paper after installing a bidet. But, surely, the toilet paper usage will be reduced using bidets.

Quick Tip: It’s preferable to use electric bidets with a dryer; it will help you to dry your butts without using TP.

Final Words:

Even though a bidet is good for people who want effective personal hygiene, you can only achieve effective cleaning if you use a bidet correctly.

Despite dozens of benefits, bidets also have a few disadvantages, but you can deal with them using a different solution.

In a nutshell, bidets are an important element in your bathroom that helps you to achieve effective cleaning and helps you to reduce the usage of toilet paper.


What is the danger of bidets?

The excessive usage of bidets may be dangerous for females. According to reports, up to 435% of female bidet users have altered the behavior of vaginal microflora, which increases the risk of UTI.

The vaginal microflora is bacterial, lives in the vaginal cavity, and keeps it healthy. But using an excessive bidet with high water pressure and temperature affects its growth.

Are bidets healthier than wiping?

Yes, a bidet toilet is healthier than just wiping with toilet paper. Because treating your bump with natural water makes it more hygienic than TP alone. The water also removes the extra debris and feces from your butts. And after using a bidet, it’s a good idea to wipe with toilet paper.

Do you still have to wipe if you use a bidet?

If you’re using an electric bidet that has a dir dryer to reduce moisture from your butts, then you don’t need to wipe after using a bidet. But if you’re using simple bidet attachments of bidet showers, you must wipe to clean the extra moisture. But using a bidet toilet helps you use less toilet paper roll. 


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