Bidet Can Help You Poop More? Here is How!

Bidet provides a relaxing experience because of the high-pressure water stream, and this effect softens the tissues of the anal canal and helps you to poop more. 

Most readers struggle to poop but can’t achieve a standard bowl movement. But you don’t need to worry about it, a bidet can help you to poop more if used properly. 

Bidets help you create peristaltic action and keep your bottom hygienic without using toilet paper. In the article below, I have shared some tips for using bidets that will help you poop more.

Bidet Can Help You Poop More – How?

Using a bidet is very easy, and there is no rocket science involved, but you need a few things to consider to achieve bowel movement via bidet. 

1- Relax Your Body 

bides helps you to poop more

The first and foremost thing that will help you poop is your behavior; if you’re facing any anxiety or in a hurry, you can’t poop or achieve a standard bowel movement. That’s why you need first to let your body relax. 

If you have an electric bidet, you’re lucky; use the heating seat features to get the massaging effect and relax your body. To avoid anxiety on the toilet seat, bring some magazines or smartphones, and use them while pooping. 

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), anxiety can cause very irritating diarrhea. When a person is in depression, his body releases some chemicals that can enter the digestive tract and cause diarrhea. 

2- Set Optimal Water Pressure On Your Bidet

bidet help me to poop

To poop easily, you have to choose the optimal water pressure. Water pressure should not be too low or high. The high water pressure can irritate rectum, whereas the low stream can’t stimulate peristaltic action. 

According to a report, the high water pressure of a bidet or overuse of a bidet can cause anal pruritus and anal incontinence (AI). 

Almost all the bidets come with water pressure control features, and you can easily adjust the pressure according to your preference. 

But how can one check that the water pressure is optimal? For testing, directs the nozzle at your bottom or rectum; if you’re feeling comfortable or having a relaxing experience, water is optimal. 

The optimal water pressure of the bidet relaxes the anal tissue, stimulating the standard bowel movement. 

3- Optimal Water Temperature Can Also Help To Poop More

Just like drinking warm water can help you poop two to three times a day, treating your bottom with warm water also helps you poop. Warm water is one of the major elements that give you comfort. 

Even though the warm water feature is rear in the bidets, only electric bidets support this feature, but it helps you to poop. If you have an electric bidet, you can adjust its temperature of water. 

Keep in mind that cold water can make you uncomfortable, especially in winter; it creates severity in doing poop.

Expose your genitals or rectum (whatever you say) to warm water for 15 – 20 seconds, and you will see the magic yourself. The warm water gives a very soothing effect on in tier lining of rectum. 

But before using warm water, you have to be very careful; the inner lining of the rectum is very sensitive to high water temperature, so you have to treat it with lukewarm water. 

4- Use Oscillation Features Of The Nozzle

Many bidets come with oscillating nozzles that make your bump hygienic from front to rear. The oscillation feature of the nozzle not only helps you to remain hygienic but also helps you to poop. 

If your bidet doesn’t have an oscillating nozzle, try to move your bump on the toilet seat or try aeration if your seat has that. This process works like an enema bidet; some water will go into your anal canal, helping to create peristaltic action. 

5- Now You’re All Set… It’s Time To Poop!

Once you have set your bidet to the appropriate settings, it’s time to fire it on your bump. Point the aim to the rectum and let the nozzle spray for at least 20 seconds. During the process, calm your body and focus on relaxing; the magic will definitely happen. 

In most cases, people wouldn’t find it easy at the beginning when constantly exposing your rectum to water will help you to poop. Once the water goes inside your anal canal, it stimulates peristaltic action.

Once you feel the poop is coming, turn off the bidet’s water, and enjoy doing a poop. 

Now if your bidet has a warm air dryer, you can use it to dry the mouser. Otherwise, you should use toilet paper to wipe your butts. 

How Do You Dry Your Bum After Using A Bidet?

One of the most common and convenient ways to dry your bum after using a bidet is toilet paper. You can easily remove extra moisture from your bump via toilet paper. 

But I have seen most people buy a bidet to get rid of toilet paper; in such scenarios, you can use the warm dryer feature of your bidet to dry your butt. But if your bidet doesn’t have any dryer feature, you have to use toilet paper. 

Since you have cleaned all the dirt or debris from your butt via bidet, you don’t need a lot of toilet paper to wipe it. Just use a small amount of toilet, and gently wipe your genitals to avoid any kind of irritation. 

How Long Should You Sit On A Bidet?

how long you should use a bidet

You have to spend no specific time on the bidet toilet seat to get poop and proper hygiene. If you’re struggling with poop, you have to spend extra time on the bidet toilet seat; first, you have to relax to get poop, and after that, you must clean your bump with the bidet. 

Usually, a medical expert prefers to expose your genitals for up to 20 sec for perfect cleaning. In the case of constipation, it might take longer because constipation causes severity to poop.

Are Bidets Good For Your Colon?

Yes, bidet toilet are good for your colon; they provide effective hygiene without using your hands. Additionally, the optimal water flow from the bidet fill the lower colon and help you to poop.

Bidets are very convenient for hemorrhoid patients; they not only have a soothing effect on their colon but also help them poop easily. 

Can A Bidet Give A Woman A UTI?

UTI is one of the most common diseases caused by the misuse of the bidet toilets. UTI is an infection caused by bacteria, and this bacteria is transferred into your urinary tract via the contaminated nozzle of the bidet. 

Habitual bidet toilet use might cause bacterial infection only if the bidet’s nozzle is contaminated.

The UTI irritates your urinary tract and makes it difficult to poop.

However, most modern bidets come with a self-cleaning nozzle system; before and after every use, the nozzle rinses itself. A few of the bidets also have a protective guard that prevents nozzles from urine or water splashes and prevents them from getting contaminated.

Do You Use A Bidet Before Or After Pooping?

Bidets are the best way to save money on toilet paper. You should use a bidet before pooping, which will help you get rid of toilet paper from your bathroom. 

You can achieve effective hygiene with bidet toilets without using toilet paper. However, few people prefer toilet paper after using bidets to remove extra moisture from their bumps. 

Even though you’re using toilet paper for wiping, bidet toilet will still let you use only a small amount of TP to wipe.

Final Words: 

Bidets will help you to poop if you use them in the right way. The water stream from the bidet nozzle gives a relaxing experience to your anal cavity and canal and helping you to poop easily.

But if you’re still struggling with poop or facing constipation issues, you should also be concerned with the doctor because I’m not a medical guy who can help you deal with irregular bowel movement. 

In the above article, I have shared my own experience, and yes bidet makes me poop more. If you’re struggling with poop, you should definitely give a try to bidets. If you don’t have enough budget for bidet seats, try bidet attachments that can easily fit on the existing toilet.


Does a bidet stimulate bowel movement?

Yes, using bidet seats helps you to stimulate bowel movement. The optimal water spray from the bidet nozzle relaxes the muscle of the sphincter and tissues of the anal canal, making to poop easily. But to achieve standard bowel movements, you should use optimal water pressure and mid-warm water. 

Is bidet good for IBS?

People with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) can get benefits from bidets. Firstly, bidets help them to minimize the use of toilet paper which irritates them. Secondly, bidets also help them poop easily and prevent anal fissures, hemorrhoids, etc. 


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