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Bidets are becoming very popular, and most individuals are used to them. Few people find it difficult to keep themselves hygienic on travel and recreational trips without bidets. But with the latest portable bidets, you don’t need to worry about your sanitation and hygiene.

I know proper hygiene is very arduous for people who are used to bidets. But now, they can take advantage of portable bidets. Additionally, you can also use bidets in your RV bathroom.

If you’re struggling to find the best portable bidet for your adventures and trips, then you’re in the right spot. In today’s guide, I reviewed the seven best portable bidets you must keep with yourself while traveling.

2PCS-PACK Portable Bidet for Toilet

2PCS-PACK Portable Bidet for Toilet

  • Capacity: 450ml/15oz
  • Electric: No
TOTO Travel Handy Washlet YEW350-WH

TOTO Travel Handy Washlet YEW350-WH

  • Flow Rate: 8 to 9 ml per second
  • Capacity: 180ml
  • Electric: Yes
Frida Mom Upside Down Peri Bottle

Frida Mom Upside Down Peri Bottle

  • Best for Pregnant women
  • Capacity: 295
  • Electric: No
<br>Hibbent Portable Bidet Handy Toilette 

Hibbent Portable Bidet Handy Toilette 

  • Standby Time: 30 Days
  • Capacity: 165ml
  • Electric: Yes
COSOROW Travel Electric Bidet

COSOROW Travel Electric Bidet

  • Capacity: 140 ml
  • Type: Electric
GenieBidet-Go Easy-to-use

GenieBidet-Go Easy-to-use

  • Nozzle: 6 Inch Telescoping Nozzle
  • Capacity: 400ml
Tushy Travel Bidet

Tushy Travel Bidet

  • Capacity: 11 fl oz
  • Type: Non-electric

Best Portable Bidets

1- Tonelife Portable Bidet

QualityVery good
UseOne at home and another in other place
IncludedFree Travel Bag (blue or yellow color)
FeatureO-rings (gaskets) inside the bottle to prevent water leakage, upgraded water sealing cap, extended tube
BenefitMore hygienic and comfortable, protects the environment, eliminates the need for toilet paper
Suitable forMen, women, elderly care, baby clean, etc.

Tonelife portable bidet is my top pick because of its convenient design. You can easily put this portable bidet in your backpacks, suitcase, or travel bags. 

The bottle is made of BPA-free material that ensures more hygienic cleaning. It has detectable nozzles with lengthened pipes that provide more efficiency while cleaning. 

Unlike most portable bidets, Tonelife has 450 ml of capacity, allowing you to clean yourself in the best way possible. 

The bottle of Tonelife portable bidet is made of premium material which is easy to squeeze; the more you squeeze the bottle, the greater the pressure will be. Because of the 7.5″ angled nozzles, you can easily adjust the nozzle to clean your genitals. 

To prevent leakages in your backpacks or travel bags, a small cap is placed in the infant of the nozzle. For extra protection, there is also an O-ring inside the bottle’s cap to avoid leakages. 

The best thing that I love about Tenerife’s portable bidet is that it’s washable. You can put it into warm water to remove its unwanted smell. 


  •  7.5″ angled nozzle for effective cleaning. 
  • 450 ML extra capacity.
  • Easy to use, squeeze and get pressure. 
  • Excellent for men and women. 
  • Storage bag. 


  •  Squirts water everywhere.
  •  The holes are too small.

2- TOTO Mobile Toilet Shower

Product Dimensions3.6″L x 2.4″W
Item Weight0.25 Kilograms
Flow Rate8 to 9 ml per second (depending on setting)
Water Flow Duration20 to 22 seconds (depending on flow rate setting)

TOTO toilet bidet is a portable travel bidet having a very sophisticated design. The bidet is packed in a hard case making it more compact and easy to use, and you can easily take it out of the case when needed.

The best part is you can also change the flow rate according to your preference. The new version of the TOTO toilet bidet comes with normal and soft water spray modes. With a flow rate of 8 to 9 ml, you can easily clean your vagina or genitals.

You can’t put a filled bidet into your backpack because it leaks, so you need an extra water bottle. But this is stunning unit, and best for International or business travel. The design is very elegant and looks premium.

Regarding capacity, the tank stores up to 180 ml of water which can continuously spray for 20 to 22 seconds. Keep in mind that portable bidets have low tank storage compared to squeezing bottle bidets, but the efficiency of portable bidets is very amazing.

Using a TOTO bidet will surely eliminate tissue paper and save you money. The battery usage is also very good; on one battery, it’s functional for up to 4 to 5 weeks, depending upon your usage.


  • Very sophisticated and elegant design.
  • Compact and easy to carry.
  • Good flow rate.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Great for use in airplanes and trains.
  • You can also put it into your pocket.


  • Cons:
  • The instructions are in Japanese.
  • Seems a little fragile.
  • Little expensive.
  • The tank capacity could be larger.

3- Frida Mom Portable Bidet

DesignUpside Down Ergonomic Design
Included AccessoriesWaterproof storage bag for on-the-go
Special FeaturesC-Section Use, Pack in Hospital Bag
ColorMay vary (new color to match Frida Mom available)
Target GenderFemale
Maximum Weight Recommendation0.22 Pounds
Material CompositionPlastic

If you want a more convenient and affordable portable bidet for your travel, the Frida Mom bidet is worth considering. What I love the most is its upside-down ergonomic L-shaped design that gives a more accurate water stream.

You can control the water pressure by squeezing the bottle. The angled neck design also increases the water pressure, which gives more hygienic cleaning. This water bottle can hold up to 295 ml of water, sufficient for the entire cleaning process.

Frida Mom portable bidet is made for women’s use. It features a feminine wash angle that helps women keep their vagina hygienic while traveling. This handy bidet also helps women keep their vulva sanitized during periods; with this bidet, females can easily clean menstrual cups.

The bottle has a rubber seal to prevent any kind of leakage, but still, it’s recommended not to travel with water.

To eject sufficient water, the Frida Mom bidet includes five small holes in the nozzle. The nozzle provides a strong water stream that clears debris from your private area.

Luckily you can also wash this bottle with hot water and soap or dishwasher to prevent any kind of smell.

Pregnant women can also use site tablets in the bottle to relieve their vaginal cavity and pain.


  • Easy to fill, dry, and use.
  • Very gentle plastic that squeezes easily.
  • Angled neck design for greater pressure.
  • Easy to wash.


  • I wish the capacity of the bottle could be above 450 ml.
  • Few customers complain about the falling top inside the bottle.

4- Hibbent Portable Bidet

Finish TypeBlue
Handle TypePush Button
Stylepack of one
Handle MaterialABS
Handle LocationSides
Cleaning SpeedsHigh Spray (3-5m height water jet), Low Spray (1-2m working)
-Battery DurationAround 100 Cycles
Lithium battery3.7V / 500mA
Power consumptionMaximum 4W
Battery durationAround 100 cycles
Standby timeMaximum 30 days
Charging timeAround 2 hours

Here comes an electronic bidet with a rechargeable battery. Hibbing portable bidet is the best-performing portable bidet suitable for international travel, adventures, and camping. The good thing is you can connect this bidet to any water bottle according to your preferences.

This portable bidet features a dual spray function like the TOTO bidet. You can use soft or strong water jets for convenience. Another feature that needs to be added to the TOTO bidet is the nozzle angle adjustment. In Hibbert portable bidet, you can adjust the nozzle to 180 degrees to clean the rear and front.

Because of the convenient spray modes and angle adjustment Hibbent portable bidet is ideal for feminine use, and you can also use it to clean your baby butts.

With this bidet, you will get 165 ml of water, but you can also use any other bottle compatible with the unit.

On a single charge, this probate gives you about 100 uses which is more than enough; you have to only charge it after a month or two. The bidet can easily be charged with any wall mount charger or power bank.

The nozzle includes five holes for better water discharge. After regularly using this bidet, I have found that the holes are clogged because of hard water issues and the pressure drops. But you can clean holes with any small pin or needle.

Hibbent Portable bidet comes in four different colors. In the package, you get an adapter for connecting the unit with other water bottles, a handled rope, a charging cable, and a manual.


  • Easy to use.
  • Very convenient and compact design.
  • Cost-friendly as compared to TOTO portable bidet.
  • Excellent battery life.
  • Recommended for kids and women.
  • No leaking issue.
  • It can fit on any compatible water bottle.
  • The nozzle is adjustable.


  • The included water reservoir only stores 165 ml of water.
  • Work well, but a little more water pressure would have been nice.

5- COSOROW Portable Bidet

Cleaning ExperienceMore Effective, Refreshing
Washing Modes“L” (gentle) and “H” (strong)
Nozzle PositioningUp to 180 degrees
CapacityHolds up to 140mL
SizeMini, Travel-Size
UsePersonal Care Hygiene Refresher

Next up, there comes COSOROW Portable Bidet having a very compact design. This bidet has a unique nozzle that folds into it, making it very convenient to carry. You can put this travel bidet into your bags or suitcases; even this small portable bidet also fits inside the pockets. 

Like the other two portable bidets, COSOROW bidets have two washing modes, “L” and “H.” The L mode gives a gentle and soft water stream which is perfect for pregnant women. Whereas the H mode is good for men to clean their butts. 

Thanks to its nozzle design that rotates up 180º and gives a more accurate angle for cleaning. The tips of the nozzle are made of silicon, so you can easily clean or wipe it. 

COSOROW Portable Bidet has a 140 ml water reservoir, which seems insufficient, but because of the water precision nozzle, this water is enough for effective cleaning. Even 140 ml water lasts until 2 to 3 uses. 

The best part is this bidet works on AAA batteries, and you need two batteries to make the bidet functional. Because of the low power and voltage, the batteries last about 2 – 3 months even if you use the bidet daily. 


  • Accurate and precise water spray.
  • Its very compact design is easy to carry. 
  • Two washing modes for better hygiene. 
  • 180 nozzle angle adjustment. 


  • The water reservoir is small and needs to hold more water. 
  • The high-pressure setting doesn’t give too strong water pressure. 

6- GenieBidet-Go Easy-to-use Portable Bidet

FeaturePeri-Bidet Bottle With 6 Inch Telescoping Nozzle
Design6 Inch Telescoping Nozzle
Upright storageCan store upright on toilet tank or bathroom sink without water leaking out the bottom
Nozzle storageEasy telescoping, mess-free with discreet travel bag included
Customer SupportUSA-based with 1-year replacement warranty
Battery RequiresNo

GenieBidets are a very famous bidet brand in the USA, they offer various types of bidets for your toilet seat, and they also have the latest portable travel bidet. The GenieBidet-Go features a telescoping nozzle spray that gives a more precise water stream and ensures effective hygiene. 

GenieBidet-Go is not a portable unit; that’s why it’s affordable compared to other portable bidets. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about batteries. That’s why you can keep this bidet on your long travels, hiking, adventures, camping, etc. 

This bidet has a leak-free design, so you can also keep the filled bidet in the bag. The 400 ml bottle storage is sufficient for cleaning your butts properly. The bottle is easy to squeeze and creates more water pressure. 

You can also clean the bottle, just put it into warm water and add a few drops of the dishwasher, leaving the bottle in warm water for a few minutes. This process will remove any kind of unwanted smell from the bottle. But ensure not to put the bottle in extremely warm water, as this will damage the plastic. 

With the GenieBidet-Go, you will get a pouch to place a bidet in it. The manufacturer also gives you one year of warranty so you can replace the unit in case of any issue. 


  • Easy to squeeze. 
  • Telescoping nozzle for achieving precision. 
  • The size of the stream is good. 
  • Affordable price. 
  • Recommended for hiking, camping, and long travels.
  • Leak-free design. 


  • The wand may feel short. 
  • It would be good if there was an angled nozzle. 

7- Tushy Travel Bidet

Recommended UsesBathroom
Finish TypePolished
StyleTushy Travel Bidet
Item Dimensions3.4 x 2.4 x 2.4 inches
Capacity11 fl oz
Weight (empty)5.3 oz
TURD-gonomic gripYes
Squeeze featureYes
Hinged nozzleYes
3-point spoutYes
Cleaning rating5-star
Discreet carrying caseYes

Last up, there comes a Tushy Travel bidet; it has a unique design that is best for international travels. This bidet bottle comes in three different colors. Thanks to its TURD-ergonomic grip, it is very convenient, and you can easily squeeze the bottle to create water pressure. 

The Tushy bidet seems electric, but this bidet doesn’t require a battery. Just fill the bidet, and you’re good to go. You can keep a filled bidet in your bed because this thing is completely leak free.

This bidet can hold up to 325 ml of water to clean your front and rear. It has hinged nozzles with 3-point spouts that ensure a precise water stream and effective cleaning. 

In terms of material, this is a silicon bottle with BPA-free material; the bottle just weighs 150 g which is very easy to carry. It comes with a pouch so you can put the bidet into it. 

What I like the most about this Tushy Travel bidet is its collapsible design; when you open the cap, the bottle extends automatically. 


  • Recommended for business travels.
  • Easily store in bags or even pockets.
  • Made of silicon which is very easy to squeeze. 
  • Lightweight and bidet are friendly. 


  • Water storage is less.
  • If not cleaned, the mold can grow inside. 

Guide To Buy Best Portable Bidet

Regarding portable bidets, there are many options available in the market, but choosing the right option is a bit difficult. Before choosing any portable bidet for your travel, you must highlight your priorities and consider a few factors. 

1- Type

First, you need to know which type of portable bidet you need. Usually, portable bidets may be battery-operated or squeezing bidets. If you’re a person who often takes business flights, then battery-operated bidets are the best option. Battery-operated bidets are more sophisticated and have an elegant look. 

On the other hand, squeezable bidets are best for camping, hiking, or any kind of adventure activity. Squeezable bidets are easy to use; you just have to fill them with water and squeeze for the water stream. 

2- Storage

Portable bidets come with built-in water reservoirs that store water. Depending on your travel needs, you can select the appropriate storage. Usually, battery-operated bidets have less water storage, but they have high water stream precision; that’s why the small amount of water is also enough to ensure efficient hygiene. 

On the other hand, squeezable portable bidets have large water reservoirs. Depending upon the model, they can store up to 500ml of water. 

3- Leakage Free Design

To travel with a filled water bidet, you must look for a leak-free portable bidet. Most squeezable bidets have leak-free designs, which is why they are worth considering. 

4- Price

Portable bidets have various price ranges; depending upon your need, you can consider your budget. Battery-operated bidets are more expensive than squeezing bidets. So if you’re on a budget, squeezing bidets is the best option. 

Final Words: 

To eliminate the use of TP, portable bidets are worth considering. Especially if you travel a lot, you must have a portable bidet. These bidets keep you hygienic while traveling; even though these bidets can’t offer ease like your home bidet but still helps you to get rid of TP. 

If you’re a person who mostly travels by air, then an electronic bidet is the best option; squeezing bidets is the way to go for camping and other recreational adventures.


Is a portable bidet worth it?

Portable bidets can be a convenient option for those who want the benefits of using a bidet but do not have one installed in their bathroom. They are easy to use and can be taken with you. However, they may not be as durable or effective as a permanent bidet installation, but they still help you get rid of TP.

How does a travel bidet work?

A bidet is a portable device filled with water and used to clean the anus and genitals. It typically features a nozzle that sprays water and controls it to adjust the water pressure. Few travel bidets are battery-operated, while others work on squeezing mechanisms. 


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