7 Best Bidets For RV Toilet (2023)

I know many people who are addicted to bidets and also want bidets in their RV bathroom. But for installing bidets in the RV, you have first made some plumbing changes in the RV’s bathroom. 

Just like you keep yourself hygienic at home, it’s also mandatory to clean your genitals and keep them hygienic while traveling. You can install a bidet in your RV to get the same luxury experience as at home.

Various types of bidets are available for RVs with various styles that are not easy to install but also easy to maintain. 

In this article, I will share some of the best bidets for RV toilet you can use while traveling. 

Best Bidets For RV Toilet

1- Clear Rear Bidet Attachment

Clear Rear Bidet Attachment

Clear Rear Bidet Attachment

  • Dual Nozzle Design for Front and Back Cleansing.
  • Adjustable Water Pressure Controls.
  • Easy Installation, No Plumber or Electricity Required.
  • Self Cleansing Nozzles

If you want an easy-to-install bidet for your RV bathroom, go for the Clear Rear Bidet attachment. The bidet has a dual nozzle design for both front and rear cleaning, that’s why this bidet is suitable for both males and females. 

Like your home bidet, you can control and get optimal water pressure according to your preferences. Using the dial on the right you can switch between wash mode and feminine mode.

The self-cleaning nozzle gives you more hygienic cleaning, like at home. Using this bidet, you can save a lot of money on tissue paper.  

Remember that this is a non-electric bidet; that’s why you don’t need any plumbing skills. You only have to connect that hose pipe water supply in the RV bathroom. Most of the RV’s bathroom has a built-in water tank, and Clear Read Bidet is easily attached to the tank. 


  • Self-cleaning nozzles
  • Easy to install, no readjustment required for leaks. 
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to use 


  • You will need to buy other parts with it. 

2- Luxe Neo 120 Bidet

Luxe Neo 120 Bidet

bidets for rv bathroom

  • A luxurious look at an excellent price.
  • Hygienic nozzle guard gate.
  • Have fun doing it yourself.
  • No kidding 18-month warranty.

Luxe Neo is one of the most popular toilet accessories brands. The modern Luxe Neo 120 is one of the budget-friendly bidets on our list. And it gives you all the necessary cleaning features to keep your private hygiene. 

Luxe Neo 120 has an environmentally friendly design, blue knob controls, and steel hose that last longer. The brand gives 18 years of warranty so you can replace the products in case of any issue. 

In terms of cleaning the Neo 120 works like a high-end bidet. You will get self-cleaning nozzles which automatically retract the guard after cleaning. But there is only one nozzle in this bidet, there is no feminine mode. 

Neo 120 bidet comes with all essential installation items, including a metal braided hose, rubber gaskets, a T-adapter, and a user guide. It takes around 10 – 15 minutes to install this bidet in your RV’s bathroom. Form budget point of view this one is best bidet for RV toilet.


  • Affordable price.
  • Durable hose and solid built-in quality.
  • Self-cleaning nozzle with retractable design.
  • Excellent water pressure adjustment.


  • No dual nozzle.
  • No hot water feature.

3- Brondell GoSpa Travel Bidet

Brondell GoSpa Travel Bidet

portable bidets for rv

  • ERGONOMIC: soft
  • 400 ml size

In most cases, there is no water connection in the RV bathroom, and you still want a bidet for private cleaning; at that moment, Brondell GoSpa Travel Bidet can help you. 

Brondeli offers a 400ml bottle for water storage and a unique design nozzle. You have to just squeeze the bottle to spray water on your genitals. The bottle is easy to squeeze, and the nozzle gives consistent spray after each squeeze. 

The bottle is easy to carry; you can easily store it in your backpack. The Brondell bidet is the right option for adventure lovers and recreational folks. 

The bottle is made of premium plastic BPA-free and gives hygienic cleaning. Brondell GoSpa is available in five different colors to choose from. 


  • Very good water pressure, and you can control the pressure by the hard you squeeze. 
  • Huge water storage for effective cleaning.
  • Cost-efficient. 


  • The Bolt at the bottom of the bottle causes a consistent leak. 

4- Brondell Hand Held Bidet Sprayer 

Brondell Hand Held Bidet Sprayer 

bidets for rv bathroom


Handheld bidets are still trendy for cleaning your butts. Brondell Handheld bidet is the best option for people looking for an easy-to-use and high-quality bidet. 

The durable and high-quality material and metal hose reduce the risk of leakage and ensure long-lasting use. 

The simple design also makes the bidet installation easy with no major tools or blubbering required; with simple DIY skills, you can install this bidet. 

You only need to connect the hose pipe to the water storage for the RV bathroom. There is also a holder for a sprayer that you can install on the RV’s toilet tank; if there is no tank, you can install it on the wall. 

Thanks to its pressure control feature, it helps you maintain the desired water pressure with simple thumb control. But before applying high water pressure, it’s recommended to make sure you have the right end pointing where you want it. 

One of the major benefits of a handheld sprayer is angle control, you will get the desired angle for cleaning. 


  • Leakage-free design.
  • The pressure control feature is efficient.
  • The metal hose has a good length.


  • The sprayer might crack if dropped on tile or a hard floor. 
  • Handle quality could be improved, as it’s made of plastic.

5- Mighty Rock Meidong Portable Travel Bidet

Mighty Rock Meidong Portable Travel Bidet

rv bathroom bidets


This portable bidet is one of my top picks for outdoors and travel. You can easily put it into your backpack or purse. Mighty Rock bidet is best for people facing bidet connectivity issues in their RV bathroom. 

The bidet is very easy to use; just remove the cover and fill it with water; it can store up to 140 ml of water. After filling the water, point the nozzle to your genitals and press the L or H button. The L mode is used for gentle cleaning, and H for strong cleaning. 

The nozzle is made of high quality, and it gives you a 180º cleaning experience. 

Compared to other portable bidets, this one offers high-quality ABS material with a non-toxic design that ensures hygienic cleaning. 


  • Give excellent water pressure.
  • Made of non-toxic material.
  • Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry. 
  • Leak-free design.


  • Water storage is less.

6- TUSHY Basic 2.0 Bidet

TUSHY Basic 2.0 Bidet

TUSHY Basic 2.0 Bidet

  • Modern yet Timeless Design.
  • 10-Minute Installation.
  • Tailored Control.
  • Feel Cleaner, Live Healthier.
  • Budet Friendly.

TUSHY Basic 2.0 Bidet is one of the easy-to-use bidets for RV toilets. It just takes around 10 minutes to install this bidet on your toilets. You will get all essential insulation items and a guide to help you during installation. 

The good thing is TUSHY Basic 2.0 bidet is compatible with all types of toilets; whether you have a round toilet or an elongated toilet seat, it fits perfectly on both. 

On the right side is a knob that helps you control the water pressure according to your preferences. Just like any other high-end bidet TUSHY Basic 2.0 offers a self-cleaning nozzle that ensures effective cleaning. 

You can adjust the nozzle to suit your body angle for more hygienic cleaning. Unlike other bidets, TUSHY offers a braided water inlet line for optimized water pressure.

Unfortunately, this bidet converter kit doesn’t include feminine wash mode. If you’re a female and looking for feminine wash mode this bidet is not for you.


  • Very easy to install.
  • Excellent water pressure.
  • Compatible with every Type of toilet


  • No feminine mode

7- SAMODRA Ultra-Slim Bidet

SAMODRA Ultra-Slim Bidet

rv bidets for bathroom


The Samodra bidet has an ultra-slim and sleek design that fits into your RV bathroom and looks gorgeous. 

You have a rotating handle on the right side to adjust the pressure and switch between modes. 

Unlike the previous bidet, this one has a dual nozzle design with posterior and feminine modes. The optimized water pressure ensures effective cleaning from front to rear. 

Moreover, the environmentally friendly ABS material and durable brass T-adapter make it long-lasting. In a kit, you will also get a braided steel hose which can easily be connected to the water supply in your RV bathroom. 


  • Easy to install 
  • Ultra slim design makes it very easy to operate the bidet.
  • Friendly for the elderly.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Dual nozzle design.


  • Plastic fittings.

Why Install Bidets In RV Bathrooms?

Bidets are becoming so popular in the United States. Because of the major advantages of bidets, people also want to install them in their RV bathrooms. 

During traveling, it’s difficult to keep your butts hygienic, but with a bidet, it becomes very easy and effective. 

Here are some reasons you insist you install a Bidet in the RV Bathroom. 

1- Bidets Keep You Hygienic 

Most people use tissue paper while traveling to clean their genitals. But tissue papers are not too hygienic as compared to natural water. 

Also, tissue paper includes different inorganic chemicals that irritate sensitive skin. 

By using the bidet, say goodbye to tissue paper and keep your butts hygienic with natural water. 

You can effectively clean your private area from front to rear with bidet nozzles. Tissue papers don’t properly clean your butts.

Just imagine if some poop somehow got on your hand; what would you do? Do you wash your hands with water or clean them with tissue paper? 

The same is the case with our private parts, they are more prone to allergy and bacterial infection. That’s why it’s mandatory to clean your buts or genitals with clean water. 

2- Bidets Will Save Your Money

Tissue paper is becoming more expensive, and using a bidet can save you a lot of money from spending on tissue paper. 

Let’s say you save 1 buck daily by not spending on tissue paper, and at the end of the year, you will get $365. A non-electric bidet costs you between $30 and $60, which gives you greater ROI. Similarly, if you’re a couple living in an RV, it will give you greater ROI. 

3- Bidets Give Various Configuration Options

Bidets have different types and configurations that ensure easy cleaning. You can control water pressure on your bidet, switch between feminine or read wash mode, and do a lot of other configurations based on bidet models. 

Guide To Buy Best Bidets For RVs

Even though there are a lot of bidets out there, only a few are suitable for RV bathrooms before picking any bidet for your RV bathroom. 

1- Easy To Install 

The first and foremost thing that you have to consider is the ease of installing a bidet. Because for RV bathrooms, you need different types of plumbing techniques. 

Make sure the hose pipe and T-adapter are compatible with your bathroom fittings. If a water tank is behind your toilet seat, it’s easy to install non-electric bidets. 

Secondly, avoid using standalone bidet seats for RV bathrooms because these require more advanced plummeting skills to make the toilet functional. 

2- Compatibility

Based on your toilet seat shape and design, you must consider the bidet. Few bidets are compatible with round toilets, and few fit perfectly on elongated toilets. 

3- Bidet Type

Based on your preferences, you can choose a bidet type. There are various types of bidets available in the market. The handheld and non-electric bidets are suitable for RV bathrooms. 

Similarly, few bidets offer water pressure control, angle adjustment, self-cleaning nozzles, feminine wash mode and more features. Based on your preferences, you can select a bidet. 


Which is the best RV bidet with easy installation?

If there is a water tank in your RV bathroom, you should go for NEO 120 or Clear Rear Bidet. But if your RV bathroom doesn’t have a water tank or you have difficulty installing a bidet, then you can go for portable bidets like the Mighty Rock Meidong bidet.

Can bidets work without water?

No, the bidet doesn’t work without water. But in the market, there are few portable bidets available that you can opt for. 


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