5 Best Bidet Toilet Combos: Latest Bidets!

A Bidet toilet combo is a combination of both a toilet seat and a bidet, and it’s a standalone bidet seat that provides many cool features.

Most people prefer to use Bidet toilet combos because they are a long-term solution, have a tankless design, and add value to your bathroom. Unlike bidet converter kits, bidet toilet combo operate on electricity and control via a remote or dedicated control panel alongside the seat. 

One of the big advantage of these standalone bidets is they save you money on toilet paper. They have a dryer to keep your bump dry. The bidet toilet combos have a warm water reservoir, self-cleaning nozzles, wash modes, massage seats, and much more. 

If you’re struggling to get the best bidet toilet combos, you have come to the right place. In this guide, I will share some amazing bidet toilet combos that boost your bathroom look. 

Comparison Table

FeatureTOTO WASHLET S 550EBidetMate 6000WOODBRIDGE White LuxuryR&T Smart Toilet BidetHOROW Bidet Toilet Combo
Remote controlYesYes + Side knobYes + Side ButtonsYesYes + Side knob
Heated seatYes YesYesYesYes
Water temperature controlYesYesYesYesYes
Water pressure controlYesYesYesYesYes
Warm air dryerYesYesYesYesYes
Night lightYesYesYesYesYes

5 Best Bidet Toilet Combos



TOTO WASHLET S550E is one of the exclusive bidet toilet combos that meet the need of every user. It has a seamless and elongated seat which is comfortable and suitable for every gender and age. 

Thanks to its Tornado flush, which flushes the bowel and reduces waste buildup. The EWATER+ mists on the bowl and wand after every flush so your toilet remains clean. 

The lid automatically closes and opens, making it easy for the elderly and kids. It also features a night light that helps you easily use the toilet at midnight. 

Regarding hygiene and cleaning, TOTO WASHLET S550E gives all the self-cleaning features that come with a high-end bide toilet combo seat. There is a durable nozzle that offers various wash modes, and it oscillates during cleaning to give more effective hygiene. 

This bidet seat comes with user-preset features, allowing users to save their preferred settings for feature use.

The thing I like the most about this bidet seat is its quick water supply. Unlike other toilet bidet combos, this one immediately provides warm water; you can adjust the water temperature according to your need. 

This bidet offers a warm air dryer that helps youth dry moisture from your butts. After every use, the automatic air deodorizer eliminates bad odor from the toilet. 

Like other electric bidets, TOTO WASHLET S550E offers heated seats that give a comfortable feel and help you to poop more. 


  • Easy to use 
  • Durable built-in quality 
  • 2 user memory
  • EWATER+ feature
  • Auto flush feature
  • Chrome trip lever included
  • Elegant design


  • The remote functionality could be improved
  • Expensive

2- BidetMate 6000 

bidetmate 6000

To modernize your bathroom with a smart toilet seat, you should consider the BidetMate 6000 bidet toilet combo. This seat is fully customizable, offering many features to keep your bump and toilet clean. 

First, thanks to its auto-open/close lid, it has a sensor that detects one enters the bathroom and automatically opens the lid. This bidet gives you filtered water for cleaning, making your bump more hygienic. 

BidetMate 6000 also features an automatic flush system; it flushes the bowl before and after every use. You can also flush it manually by pressing the button at the bottom with your foot. 

It also offers a water-saving power flush that immediately cleans up the buildup and helps you to get rid of extra cleaning chemicals. 

Thanks to its self-cleaning stainless steel nozzle, it ensures your hygiene by rinsing before and after every use. The nozzles have various cleaning modes like a feminine wash, power wash, kid mode, etc. The power wash mode helps you to relieve constipation. 

Additionally, this bidet features warm water, heating seats, night light, deodorizer, and warm air dyer. 

If you’re on a budget but still want the best bidet toilet combos, the BidetMate 6000 is the best option. It has a unique and tankless design making your bathroom look more modern.  


  • Modern tankless design.
  • Automatic flush before and after every use. 
  • Heated water with the filter.
  • Cyclone-Dry technology to dry you immediately. 
  • Excellent nozzle design ensures extra hygiene. 
  • Best for pregnant women. 


  • The installation process is tricky, as this one has a tankless design, so you must remove the tank behind your toilet seat. 
  • Sometimes the lid automatically opens when someone enters the bathroom. 

3- WOODBRIDGE White Luxury


Everyone one to make their bathroom looks luxurious, and with the WOODBRIDGE bidet toilet combo, you can make your dream comes true. 

It has a Porcelain oval shape seat that seems modern and feels comfortable. The seat includes a heating feature with six different levels, so you can adjust the comfort level according to your preference. 

This modern bidet has stainless steel nozzle that features feminine and rear wash modes with five different water pressure settings. Additionally, it also includes six different settings to adjust water temperature according to your preference. 

The unique feature of this bidet is oscillating massage cleaning that gives a very relaxing feel, softens your anal tissue, and makes you poop more. 

Unlike other bidet toilets, this one offers a heated air dryer with six different levels of thermal protection. So, you can easily dry your butt after cleaning. This bidet toilet seat will definitely help you reduce toilet paper use. 

This bidet toilet includes soft blue light for midnight use, so you don’t need to turn on the bathroom light. 

You can use its power flush system to clean up the bowel and remove extra buildups. Its flush system is super quiet and powerful, instantly cleaning your toilet. 


  • Bidet-friendly bidet toilet combo.
  • Quite a lid design.
  • Easy to use and operate. 
  • Very comfortable sear. 
  • Powerful flush system.


  • No power-saving mode

4- R&T Smart Toilet Bidet

Next up, we have R&T smart bidet toilet, which has a tankless design that looks elegant. This bidet toilet combo comes with a remote control, which is easy to use. The seat is durable and made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) material. 

The best thing about this bidet seat is its dual flush mechanism. Because of its built-in seat sensor, it automatically flushes the bowel; you can also flush using foot flushing. 

The R&T bidet toilet combo is less leaky because of its tankless design. The component is robust and last longer. 

The nozzle design of the R&T bidet toilet is unique. It features arc shape nozzle that covers more cleaning are provides maximum hygiene. The nozzle automatically rinses before and after every use. 

This bidet toilet seat provides warm water and displays indications of your current water temperature and bidet settings. 

The deodorizer in this bidet toilet seat is much more powerful, and it has Diatom pure deodorizer that immediately removes odor from the toilet seat. 

Additionally, this bidet toilet combo has 2 years of warranty, so you can replace it in case of any issues. 


  • Tankless design.
  • Dual flush system.
  • Save water.
  • Excellent air blower to dry butts.
  • Indication screen. 
  • Supply instant warm water.
  • Easy to install.
  • Soft closing lid. 


  • The amount could be improved.
  • The control should be easy for the elderly. 

5- HOROW Bidet Toilet Combo

HOROW Bidet Toilet Combo

The HOROW bidet toilet combo is our list pick, it also has a tankless design making the bidet more sophisticated. It includes all the essential features you need to keep your butts clean. 

Unlike other standalone bidet toilets, this one has a remote and a dedicated side knob. The remote is also easy to use for the elderly and kids. 

The HOROW bidet toilet combo comes with a powerful flush that instantly cleans up the bowel. It uses 1.03 gif water to flush. Apart from its automatic flushing, you can also flush the bowel with a button press via foot. 

This bidet toilet combo includes various wash modes and helps pregnant females take care of their hygiene. Female wash mode then can effectively clean their vaginal cavity. 

It features front and rear wash, feminine wash, pulsating wash, posterior wash, and oscillating wash modes. So you can use any wash mode according to your preference. 

Moreover, this bidet toilet offers heating seats with four adjustable settings, an automatic deodorizer, a night light, and a soft closing lid. 


  • Minimalist design.
  • An elongated bowl offers more comfort.
  • Durable ceramic seat.
  • Powerful flush with efficient water capacity. 
  • Instant heated water supply.
  • Foot kick open/close lid.


  • The remote doesn’t illuminate for night use.
  • Flush noise Is louder.

Guide To Buy Best Bidet Toilet Combos

Guide To Buy Best Bidet Toilet Combos

While choosing bidet toilet combos, you have to keep a few things in mind. A bidet toilet combo differs from bidet converter kits or attachments; that’s why you have to focus on many factors like temperature, smart features, warm air dryer, cleaning modes, design, etc. 

1- Cleaning Feature

The first and foremost thing you must focus on is cleaning or hygiene features. Hygiene is the priority of most people buying bidet toilets. 

You have to look at various wash modes. For females, your bidet toilet combo must have a feminine wash mode. Similarly, to relieve constipation bidet toilet must have a power wash mode. 

You also have to focus on the nozzle, the primary element in any bidet toilet. Few nozzles provide oscillation that helps you lower the severity of constipation and provides effective hygiene. 

Similarly, a self-cleaning feature of the nozzle is another thing you must keep in mind before choosing a bidet toilet combo. Self-cleaning nozzles risen before and after every use provides more effective cleaning. 

2- Flushing Mechanism

Mostly bidet toilet combos come with a flushing mechanism. Here you have to consider how much water your bidet toilet combo uses to flush the bowl and how effectively it’s flushing. 

Few bidet toilets offer power flush that instantly cleans up the bowel. Similarly, bidet toilet combos like Toto washout S550E offer EWATER+ that mist the bowel after every flush and removes harmful bacteria. 

3- Smart Features

People prefer the bidet toilet combo because of its smart feature compared to the traditional bidet. Most of these bidet comes with tankless design, adjustable water temperature, heating seats, deodorizer to eliminate odor, and warm air dryer to remove moisture from the butt. 

The toilet bidet combo will save you money on toilet paper and give you more freedom to make your private hygienic. 

Moreover, the toilet bidet combo also offers an automatic lid open/close, which is very convenient for elderlies. 

The heating seat is the big advantage of toilet bidet combos; they provide massage effects in winter and help you to poop more. 

4- Design & Appearance

Bidets come in various designs and shapes, a few are elegant and minimalist, and a few are stylish. It’s up to you which one suits your bathroom. 

I love tankless bidet toilets, as they offer a more appealing and simple look. Similarly, the shape of the bidet also matters; few bidets come oval, and few have an elongated shape. 

5- Installation 

Bidet toilet combos are challenging to install compared to bidet converter kids or other traditional bidets. These bidets mount to the floor, which needs special DIY skills and tools. 

Most of the time you have to hire a plumber to install toilet bidet combos, and their tankless design can also irritate plumbers. 

Similarly, you must remove the previous tank from your bathroom for tankless bidet toilets, which also takes time and proper skills. You also need an electric socket behind your seat to install a bidet toilet combo. 

So it’s highly recommended to check the installation guide before purchasing any bidet toilet combo. 

Advantages Of Bidet Toilet Combo:

Compared to traditional bidets, or converter kits, bidet toilet combos have a lot of advantages. Even though these bidet toilets are expensive, they give long-term benefits and hygiene. 

  • Improved Hygiene: A bidet toilet combo provides more effective hygiene than traditional bidets. You can customize the wash modes and nozzle movements in just a few moments. The dedicated feminine wash mode in this bidet toilet helps women keep their vaginal clean during periods. 
  • Comfort: A toilet bidet combo provides a feeling of comfort. It includes various features to get comfortable and poop more. It offers heating seats, oscillation nozzle movement, and a smooth water stream of relaxing your anal muscles. 
  • Water Conservation: Bidet toilet combos use less water than traditional toilets, which can help reduce overall water usage and conserve resources.
  • Relive Constipation: Mostly, bidet toilet combos come up with a power wash mode that helps you to relieve constipation. 
  • Aesthetics: Bidet toilet combos can enhance the overall appearance of a bathroom and make it more modern and stylish. Most of them have a tankless design that looks more appealing. 
  • Helps reduce Toilet paper: The bidet toilet combo features a warm air dryer that helps you get rid of extra moisture from butts without using TP. It saves a lot of your investments on toilet paper. 


How does a bidet toilet combo works?

Bidet toilets are standalone toilets offering bidet features. These types of bidets are controlled via remote. They work on electricity so you need an outlet behind your seat. Toilet bidet combos are connected to your main water supply and heat the water instantly. After cleaning, you can use their warm air dryer to dry your butts. Most have an automatic flush mechanism that immediately cleans the toilet bowl after every use. 

What is the weight limit of bidet toilet combos?

The weight limit of bidet toilet combos can vary depending on the model and manufacturer. Some bidet toilets are designed to support the weight of a standard adult, while others may have a lower weight limit.

Generally, most bidet toilet combos can support a weight of up to 300 pounds or 136 kilograms. However, it is important to check the specifications for the specific model you are considering to ensure it meets your needs.

Are bidet toilet combos worth it?

If you want a long-term solution, then bidet toilet combos are worth it option. Even though they are expensive, they provide many features to keep your hygiene. 

Wrap up:

Compared to integrated bidet toilets, bidet toilet combos provide more convenience and hygiene. They work for the long term and take your bathroom design to the next level. 

In our list of best bidet toilet combos, the Toto Washout S550E is our top pick. I love its EWATER+ feature that keeps the toilet bowl clean every time. It is a fully smart toilet seat that brings your toilet experience to the moon. 


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