5 Major Benefits Of Using Bidet Converter Kits in 2023

I remember buying a luxe Neo 120 bidet, which was a sensible decision. It gives me a lot of benefits and makes my hygiene very easy.

I know most people don’t like to talk about the bathroom and personal hygiene, but it’s the most important conversation to do. Because of the advancement of technology, now you have to adopt new things to keep yourself hygienic. 

Bidets are an important element in any bathroom, and they are easy to install, keep your bump hygienic, and help you to get rid of toilet paper. 

In this article, I will share my experience with bidets and tell you some of the most potent benefits of using bidet converter kits. So let’s get into it!

What Are Bidets Converter Kits

You must read this section if you’re new to bidet converter kits. I’m talking about the bidet converter kit, not the actual bidet. 

Bidets converter kits are a new trend, and you can easily install them on your existing toilet to get bidet functionality. Usually, they come with a nozzle, and a control panel, where you can adjust the water pressure. 

advantages of bidets

The good thing is you need simple DIY skills to install the bidet converter kits. It took me around 15 minutes to install the bidet conversion kit on my seat. You must connect the bidet to the water line behind your toilet seat bid hose. 

Bidet converter kits are an affordable option and save you money on toilet paper. You can go with electric bidets if you want more features like temperature control, self-cleaning nozzles, and heating seats. 

The Benefits Of Using Bidets Converter Kit

I got a lot of benefits from my first bidet, and I hope you will also get all these benefits. 

1- Bidet Converter Kits Are Very Sanitary

Before the bidet, I was using toilet paper, and they couldn’t give more effective hygiene. 

As you know bidet converter kits work on water, so what could be better than water for genital hygiene? The natural water efficiency cleans your private and makes it sanitary. 

Whereas toilet papers still leave some faces and debris that might cause bacterial infection. Secondly, most of us are prone to skin infections and have sensitive skin. So excessive use of toilet paper might cause skin irritation and itching. 

Bidet converter kits have a nozzle, and you can adjust the pressure and position to get maximum sanitary. 

2- Bidet Converter Kits Are a Great Deal For Females

bidets are best for women

As a female, I love to use bidets because they give dedicated female mode or front wash, which helps you clean your vaginal more clean and sanitary. 

Especially, bidet converter kits with warm water features are soothing to the vagina. Bidets make females free from various bacterial infections. 

You know, private hygiene is a big battle during pregnancy, but with the help of a bidet converter kit, you can win it. You can easily clean your menstrual cups and private parts. 

Similarly, after sexual activities, bidet converter kits are the best way to prevent infections and UTIs. They provide a quick cleanup after sex without needing to shower. Even though in a few religions like “Islam,” it’s mandatory to take a bath after sexual activities. 

For females, it’s recommended to go for a bidet with front wash mode and a warm water feature. Luxe NEO 320 and Tushy Warm Water Spa are the best options. 

3- Bidet Converter Kits Save Your Money

Unlike traditional bidets, the latest bidet converter kits are very affordable. Even you can get the best bidet conversation kit under $150. 

So instead of investing in toilet paper, you can install a bidet on your toilet seat to get the maximum benefits. 

Bidets help you to get rid of toilet paper. Even though people find it hard to leave the habit of wiping, I’m sure that bidets can reduce toilet paper usage. 

And at the end of the month, you will feel, Oh, thanks, God! Bidet saves my money on toilet paper. 

If you fully want to run away from toilet paper, you can go for an electric bidet with an air dryer; they help dry your butts without needing TP. BidetMate 2000 series, and Lotus Smart Bidet ATS-500, are the best options if you want an air dryer with a bidet.

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4- Bidet Converter Kits Are Environmental Friendly

benefits of bidets

Bidets are environmentally friendly in two ways!

According to research, every person uses 6-7 sheets of TP per wipe, and 35 sheets per day, which can add significant waste over time. So your bathroom dustbin might always remain full because of TP, and I dislike it. 

Secondly, manufacturing toilet paper requires a lot of water and trees. According to “thepubllicsradoi.org,” it takes around 6 gallons of water to make one tool of toilet paper, and 27,000 trees are put down daily to make toilet paper. 

So you can imagine how our nature is disturbed daily because of toilet paper. Thankfully, bidet converter kits are the best option to minimize toilet paper usage. 

5- Bidet Converter Kits Are Very Easy to Install

The thing that I love about bidet conversion kits is their easy installation. Unlike traditional bidets that require technical plumbing equipment and skills, the latest bidet converter kits can be installed on the go. 

They come with all the essential installation tools like a hose, T-adapters, Teflon tape, and other fittings. And you don’t need any professional tools except a screwdriver to install the bidet converter kits. 


  • Remove the existing toilet seat. 
  • Install the bidet attachment and align it correctly, and tightens the bolts.
  • Connect the water supply using a T-adapter and hose. 
  • Check for leakage; if it is fine, you’re done; now enjoy the new experience of the bidet. 

What Is The Difference Between Bidet and Bidet Converter Kits?

Traditional bidets are most popular in British regions. After World War II, they became a common element in every bathroom. These bidets are like standalone toilet seats and require advanced plumbing skills to install. 

Whereas Bidet converter kits or conversion kits are installed on your existing toilets. Based on your DIY skill, they can be installed in just 10 to 20 minutes. 

Secondly big advance of bidet converter kits is their low cost; you can easily get one for just 50 bucks. They require less space, so they are the perfect option for a small bathroom. And In the USA, most people prefer small bathrooms. 

Types Of Bidets Converter Kits

If you’re new to bidet converter kits, stick with this part. Bidet converter kits come in three major types. 

1- Non Electric Bidets: 

non electric bidet

First, talk about non-electric bidets because I’m also using this. Non-electric bidets are a very cost-effective option, and they are very easy to install. 

Most of them come with a pressure control system, so you can adjust the water pressure of the nozzle to achieve maximum hygiene.

Similarly, a few non-electric bidets both have front and rear wash modes, which are helpful for females. 

2- Electric Bidets: 

non electric bidet
Source: do5nkkzntcenb.cloudfront.net

Electric Bidets are the successor of the previous ones. They have advanced features like; a warm air dryer, oscillation nozzles, warm water, heating seats, deodorizer, and more. 

But electric bidets are a more expensive option than non-electric bidets. And they need an outlet behind your toilet seat for installation, so if you don’t have an outlet, you must first install it before putting an electric bidet on your seat. 

3- Handheld Bidets:

handheld bidets

I love handheld bidets because they give the freedom to adjust angles and give more advanced hygiene. You can adjust the pressure of handheld bidets too. They are very easy to install and use, just squeeze the spryer, and it will spray water on your genitals. 

Best Electric Bidet Converter Kits

1- BidetMate 1000 Series

This bidet features a warm air dryer, so this is the best option if you want to save money on toilet paper. BidetMate 1000 series has premium quality and many features to keep you hygienic. 

You can easily control this electric bidet with a side panel. It features feminine wash mode, power wash, message, and child mode. That’s why it’s the perfect option for all gender and age. 

2- Lotus Smart Bidet ATS-500 

If you want to save money on your electric bills, the new Lotus ATS-500 is the best option. It has an energy-saving mode to reduce electricity. The soft closing lid easily closes without any noise or disturbance. 

You can also adjust the water temperature according to your preferences. The oscillation of nozzles gives a message effect and effectively cleans your genitals. 

3- Kohler Bn330-N0

Kohler Bn330-N0 is the best budget electric bidet converter kit which is easy to install. It features instead warm water feature, that’s why suitable for cold areas. 

The self-cleaning nozzle and stainless steel wand take care of your hygiene, and before and after every use, the nozzle rinses automatically. Kohler Bn330-N0 also has a dry dryer, a deodorizer to eliminate bad odor, heating seats, and more. 

Best Non-Electric Bidets

1- SAMODRA Ultra-Slim Bidet

If you want a sleek and elegant design bidet converter kit, then you go for SAMODRA Ultra-Slim Bidet. This bidet has a nice handle at the side that allows you to control water pressure. 

Thie bidet converter kit features a feline wash mode for women that help them to clean their vagina easily. 

2- LUXE Bidet NEO 120

LUXE Bidet NEO 120 is one of the most useable bidet converter kits. It features a self-cleaning nozzle and automatically retracts behind the guard gate after every use. 

There is a stylish control panel and knobs that allow you to adjust the settings of the bidet. 

Moreover, the brand gives 18 months of warranty, so you can contact their support team in case of any issues. 

3- Arofa Handheld Bidet Sprayer 

Arofa Handheld Bidet Sprayer is a convenient option for personal hygiene. If you don’t like converter kits, then you go for this. 

The stretchable hose allows you to easily adjust the angle of the bidet and improve your hygiene. Especially this type of bidet converter kit is best for women with cycles. 

The pressure control is another plus point, and the gentle pressure mode benefits females or babies. At the same time, men can use jet spray to clean their genitals. 

Final Thoughts

Taking care of your hygiene is crucial; with the help of bidet converter kits, you achieve hygiene and save money on tissue paper.

Bidet converter kits transform your bathroom into an advance and smart bathroom. They are budget-friendly and easily installed on any toilet seat. 


Is there any downside to using a bidet?

For females, there may be some downsides to bidets. According to a report, the warm water bidet alters the vagal microflora in the vaginal cavity, and this microflora helps to protect the vaginal cavity. But the less number of vagal microflora means more infections and discomfort. 

Are Bidet Attachments worth it?

Yes, bidet attachments are worth considering because of their low price and effective hygiene. They help you to get rid of toilet paper and give a comfortable experience while cleaning your genitals. 

How often to clean the bidet nozzle?

You don’t need to clean the bidet nozzle because most bidet converter kits have self-cleaning nozzles. These nozzles automatically rinse before and after every use. 


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