Are Bidets Common In Europe?

Bidets are common in Asian and European regions but uncommon in American regions. There are many reasons behind the popularity of bidets in Europe. 

I remember when I went to Europe for the first time, and there was a bidet in every bathroom. Most of the British use old traditional bidets, which are standalone, and few bathrooms have handheld bidets. 

The British don’t pay much attention to cleanliness, and they feel bidets are very convenient and easy to use for personal hygiene. That’s why in Europe, every home has a bidet for personal hygiene. 

Let’s find out why European residents prefer to use bidets instead of TP. 

Why Are Bidets Common In Europe?

Bidets have been common in European homes for centuries and seem like a cultural tradition of every British bathroom. There are several reasons behind the popularity of bidets in Europe. 

The first thing I have personally observed is that British residents don’t care much about cleanliness and use easy ways to make themself hygienic. And undoubtedly, bidets are more convenient for cleaning your genitals than tissue paper; that’s why European people prefer bidets. 

Secondly, bidets are water efficient and take less water than it takes to manufacture and dispose of toilet paper. Because of these reasons, there is even a law in Italy that states even a home has to have a bidet. 

Another reason behind the common use of bidets in Europe is the medical benefit. People with hemorrhoids, postpartum, or disabilities may find it difficult or painful to use toilet paper; a bidet can be a godsend for these people.

And now, bidets are also getting fame in American states, but the American bidets are quite different from European-style bidets. In America, bidets became popular after Covid when TP became rare.  

The British people use standalone bidets, which are placed aside from the toilet seat or in any other place in your bathroom. When you’re done with a toilet, you must sit on a bidet that sprays water on your genitals. 

Why Are Bidets Not Common In The USA?

According to a report, Americans use about 34 million toilets every day, but only a minor percentage of pollution use bidets. Even most Americans are not aware of bidets. Bidets are only popular in Asian and European continents. 

The first bidet was introduced in France in the early 1700, and Americans first saw them during World War II. At that, the Japanese, France and other Asian countries took bidets to the next level. 

The American bathroom is very small, and there is no more space for the extra bidet. Similarly, US plumbing is not compatible with UK fittings; that’s why Americans only prefer Tissue papers. 

Also, there are a lot of misconceptions regarding bidets in American societies. Few think that bidets are made for pregnant women to clean their menstrual cups or vaginal cavity. 

Few people consider bidet as a sign of lasciviousness. Because before World War II, bidets are used in brothels for emergency contraception. So Americans don’t allow anything in a home related to brothels or sex. 

But now, being an American, I have seen most people are changing; they prefer bidets. Especially after Covid, when TP prices skyrocketed, people preferred to use bidets. But Americans don’t use standalone bidets. Instead, they prefer Bidet converter kits, handheld bidets, or electric bidets. 

Some Of The Benefits Of Bidets

Before asking why bidets are common in Europe, you have to first understand the benefits of Bidets. Bidets have various benefits that insist British culture adopt them as a must-have product in every bathroom. 

1- Effective Hygiene

Without a doubt, bidets are more sanitary than Toilet paper. They give you more effective hygiene of your butts. Bidets use water for cleaning. That’s why it’s way better than TP because water users are less likely to get any kind of irritation or bacterial infections. 

Bidets make your genitals clean and more hygienic than tissue papers. It immediately cleans your leftover urine and fecal matter. 

2- Bidets Are More Comfortable

Most people, especially females, suffer from vaginal disorders and using TP can irritate the vaginal cavity. Similarly, most people suffer from hemorrhoids or postpartum disorders and feel difficulties using TP. But bidets offer a very soothing experience for such people. 

Additional bidets are also recommended for people with sensitive skin. Bidets provide a very comfortable experience for pregnant women when a smooth stream of water comes in contact with your vagina and gives a very relaxing feel. 

3- Save Your Budget

Most people buy bidets to save their budget on tissue paper. Bidets can help reduce the amount of toilet paper used, which saves your investments in the long run. 

4- Environment Friendly 

Undoubtedly, bidets are environmentally friendly; a person who uses a bidet minimizes the use of TP and saves the environment. Do you know it requires 37 gallons of water to manufacture a single toilet paper roll? Similarly, it also saves a lot of tree making and reduces the process of deforestation. 

5- Bidets Keep Your Hands Cleaner

Bidets not only help with genital hygiene but also keep your hands clean. According to research, cleaning your butts with water prevents you from spreading bacteria from your hands to the environment. 

As you know, we frequently use our hands to itch, rub our eyes, or eat food with our hands, and contaminated hands immediately transfer Bacteria. But using bidets can make your hand more sanitized and free from feces bacteria. 

Final Words:

Even though bidets are common in Europe, they are now becoming popular all over the world because of their effective hygiene. Bidets are way better than TP and reduce the need for TP. So if you want to save money in the long run by reducing the need for TP, you should invest in a bidet. 


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